Best Results

Getting the best out of your calves.

At MaxCare we specialise in the manufacture of calf milk replacers. Aside from using a high-quality calf milk replacer, there are a number of other key elements you need to address in your calf rearing program to ensure you achieve the best possible results. Dairy Australia outlines these in their ‘Rearing Healthy Calves’ handbook as:

  • Pre-calving care: a healthy calf starts with a healthy cow
  • Clean comfortable environment: rear calves in clean and comfortable conditions
  • Identification and traceability: keep accurate and complete records for all calves
  • Colostrum management: colostrum is essential for all calves
  • Good nutrition: a healthy start and a productive future
  • Residue risk management: sale calves must be residue free
  • Health management: focus on prevention
  • Weaning management: prepare calves well for weaning
  • Care before transport and sale: make sure sale calves arrive healthy


MaxCare calf milk replacer has been formulated to maximise your calf health, growth and performance from day three onwards. Prior to this, it is essential you practise proper colostrum management to ensure your calves reach their full potential.

Please remember:

  • Feed colostrum to all calves
  • Harvest colostrum as soon as possible after a cow has calved
  • Always test colostrum quality and structure your feeding rates on the antibody concentration
  • As a guide, feed 10–12% of body weight within the first 24 hours of life

Twice daily Vs Once daily feeding

Both once and twice daily feeding can deliver efficient nutrition and growth.

A good strategy can be to feed twice daily in the first week, then once daily in later weeks, enabling close monitoring in the early stages.

Supplementing whole milk supply

MaxCare CMR can be used to supplement whole milk supply to help meet requirements:

Mix 125 grams MaxCare CMR per litre of finished mix, then combine with whole milk to reach desired feed volume.

Fortifying whole milk for concentrated feed

MaxCare CMR can also be used to fortify whole milk if concentrated feed is required:

Mix up to 125 grams MaxCare CMR per litre of whole milk/CMR mix – ensure you understand the requirements of the calf, your growth rate targets and the nutrient density of the whole milk when selecting fortifying feed rates.