MaxCare Electrolyte Premium

MaxCare® Electrolyte PREMIUM is a scientifically formulated electrolyte with comprehensive hydration properties and buffering capacity.

  • Contents

    Energy Source - Dextrose (glucose) provides quick energy to the calf. Glucose is also transported into the intestine
    on a one-to-one ratio with sodium and thus assists in the absorption of sodium through the small intestine.

    Strong Ion Difference (SID) - the loss of a large amount of sodium and potassium when a calf scours can result in metabolic acidosis – a drop in blood pH. A calf is not able to correct acidosis without intervention. For moderate acidosis, calf electrolyte products with a high SID formulation can help balance the loss. The SID can be calculated as follows: [Na+] + [K+] - [Cl-] = SID. The SID for this Electrolyte is within the recommended range (60 to 80 mEq/L) for a calf that is scouring.

    Alkalizing Agent - Sodium Acetate, rather than Sodium Bicarbonate, is added to help reverse any metabolic acidosis that may be occurring within the calf. Acetate has several advantages over bicarbonate:

    • Acetate facilitates sodium and water absorption in the calf small intestine, whereas bicarbonate does not.
      Acetate produces energy when metabolized, whereas bicarbonate does not.
    • Acetate does not alkalinize the abomasum, whereas bicarbonate does; low abomasal pH is a natural defence mechanism against bacterial proliferation.
    • Acetate does not interfere with milk clotting in calves, whereas bicarbonate may potentially cause some disturbance of the normal digestive process

    Glycine - a non-essential amino acid that assists glucose absorption. Rehydration is key when considering a dehydrated calf. Sodium, glucose and glycine are all tied together and play a key role in the water uptake mechanism of the small intestine.

  • Nutrition (Typical Analysis)
    Salt  Minimum  1.3%  Maximum  1.7%
    Sodium  Minimum  3.5%  Maximum  4.5%
    Chloride  Minimum  3.8%
    Potassium  Minimum  1.8%
    Glucose  Minimum  65%
    Glycine  Minimum  5.8%
  • Mixing Directions

    Mix 2L of clean, warm water. Add 115g (2 full scoops) of electrolyte and mix until dissolved.

  • Feeding Guidelines

    Administer 2 litres of MaxCare® Electrolyte Premium solution to each calf twice daily for two to three days or until hydration is normal.
    Feed the Electrolyte solution as extra meals while still feeding milk or milk replacer. MaxCare® Electrolyte Premium doesn’t contain sodium bicarbonate and can be fed directly before or after milk.
    For more specific information visit or call 0800 629 267.