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What you can expect in all MaxCare calf milk replacers:

Acidifiers – high concentrations of organic and inorganic acids incorporated to facilitate conditions in the stomach that are not conducive to the growth and proliferation of the bacterial pathogens helping to improve animal health. It also produces conditions that are more suited to the efficient digestion of the nutrients aiding improved growth rates.

Amino Acids – calves have requirements of specific amino acids to optimize their growth and feed efficiency. MaxCare’s specific formulation addresses this requirement to deliver balanced essential protein to aid in the efficient growth of your calves.

Vitamins & Minerals – specifically formulated to ensure optimum calf requirements are met to maximise growth, development and health of your calves. A balanced blend of organic and inorganic minerals.

MaxCare Ultimate and Premium also contain:

Bovatec® – For increased live weight gains in calves and heifers. Bovatec® has been shown to control the clinical signs of coccidiosis and reduce faecal shedding of E. zuernii and E. bovis. When coccidiosis is controlled, calves are more likely to reach their full potential.

Betaine – incorporated to aid in the hydration of your calves, also improving digestion and disease resistance to help you achieve your growth and productivity targets.

Host-specific probiotics – a high concentration of rumen specific bacteria specifically chosen to increase competition against pathogens to aid calf health and enhance microbial populations to aid digestion.

MaxCare calf milk replacers have been formulated to maximise calf nutrition, digestion and health – helping you to maximise growth, productivity and efficiency – delivering the best return on your investment.


Calves can be reared successfully on milk replacers but they must contain the right ingredients. The best advice is to use a reputable, well-known product with a proven track record. Always mix to manufacturer’s directions for best results.

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