Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your products suitable for multi-species?

    MaxCare Essential Calf Milk Replacer and MaxCare Lamb & Kid Milk Replacer are suitable for multi-species and can be fed to horses or other equines, dogs, cats, llama, alpaca, fawns, pigs or other animals.

    However,  MaxCare ULTIMATE Calf Milk Replacer and MaxCare PREMIUM Calf Milk Replacer contain Bovatec® and is calf specific. Do not under any circumstances feed to horses or other equines, dogs, cats, llama, alpaca or other animals.

  • Why use a high quality calf milk replacer?

    Calf milk replacement is a cost effective, convenient and efficient alternative that can help maximise the growth, productivity, health and long-term profitability. Read more

  • Do you have products for Piglets, Lambs & Kids?

    We have two great products for Lamb, Kids and Piglets - MaxCare Lamb & Kid Milk Replacer and MaxCare Piglet Milk Replacer. Both offer an excellent range of benefits including excellent curding, the highest quality ingredients and an easy to mix formula.

  • Which MaxCare CMR is best for my calves?

    Finding the right product for you and your calves is important and we're here to help. Start by looking through our product pages or contact us and we'll help you decide. Contact us here.

  • What sets the MaxCare formula apart from the rest?

    Inspired by a love of the land and a belief that the prosperity of Australia’s farmers is fundamental to the prosperity of the nation, the MaxCare® range of milk replacers has been created to deliver maximum growth, nutrition and health support for your animals in the all-important first few weeks.

    The range includes species specific milk replacers developed individually for calves, piglets and lambs & kids. All our raw ingredients are strictly sourced from approved suppliers to guarantee consistency and we use FOSS technology to ensure the highest levels of quality control throughout the production process.