How to Use

Prepare MaxCare in three easy steps.

When we say ‘easy to mix’ we mean it. Preparing MaxCare calf milk replacer is as simple as these three easy steps.


Add MaxCare calf milk replacer to half the required volume of fresh, clean water at 38 - 40°C.


Mix until fully dissolved.


Add water to required volume.

Feeding & watering

Ensure all teats are in good working order, not damaged or blocked. Ensure easy access to fresh, clean water at all times. Consistency counts – feed at consistent times each day and ensure a consistent feed temperature (not warm one day and cold the next).


Store MaxCare calf milk replacer in a cool, dry, well-ventilated environment below 25°C and 65% humidity. Avoid direct sunlight and contact with floors and walls. To maintain product integrity, store in a sealed container after opening.

Product Life

Use MaxCare CMR within 18 months of manufacture. Check product packaging for details. Each bag is marked with a production and best before date.

Watch our videos to learn more about MaxCare calf milk replacer.

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Tools of the Trade
Preparing CMR for feeding
Quality Control
Easy Opening Bag