MaxCare Probiotic Paste Premium

MaxCare® Probiotic Paste PREMIUM is a supplement for calves. A scientifically formulated probiotic containing a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms to support gut health.

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  • Contents

    Bacillus Subtilis - strains selected for their ability to inhibit growth in the petri dish of salmonella, E coli, and clostridia. These strains were then tested in multiple commercial calf trials. Benefits included reduced medication costs, improved average daily gain, reduced clostridia shedding, improved feed efficiency, reduced scours and improved immunological response during a scour period.

    Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria - aids in reinoculating beneficial gut bacteria. Strains were selected that were proven resistant in the petri dish to the most used antibiotics, and that are as stable as possible.

    Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS) - works like a decoy allowing pathogens, particularly some salmonella and E coli strains, to attach. Bacteria that attach to the oral mannan oligosaccharide do not attach to the intestinal epithelium, thereby reducing the risk of infection. The source of MOS used in this probiotic also contains appropriate quantities of beta glucan, a proven immune stimulant.

    Live Yeast - has been shown to improve starter grain intake and improve average daily gain.

    Vitamin E - is an essential antioxidant and it has immunostimulatory functions.

    Vitamin C - supports the immune function. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce ocular and nasal discharge in calves, reduce scours and naval infections, enhance IgG production in highly stressed calves and improve average daily gain.

  • Nutrition (Typical Analysis)
    Vitamin E  20 iu/g
    Bacillus Subtilis  300 million cfu/g
    Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria*  150 million cfu/g

    CFU: Colony Forming Units
    * Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium  infantis, Lactobacillus delbruecki, Enterococcus faecium


  • Feeding Guidelines

    Feed orally using a standard gel/paste applicator. Allow enough time for the calf to swallow.
    Do not administer to calves who lack a swallowing reflex. Calves: 10 g per head/day. Repeat as needed. Each click of a standard gel/paste applicator dispenses 5 grams. Two clicks provide 10 g.