Why MaxCare

Why use MaxCare calf milk replacer?

MaxCare calf milk replacer is a cost effective, convenient and efficient alternative that can help maximise the growth, productivity, health and long-term profitability of your herd. MaxCare calf milk replacer will:

  1. Achieve maximum growth and performance targets through specific feeding regimes
  2. Deliver consistent nutritional requirements year-round with no fluctuations in fat and protein
  3. Reduce the risk of digestive upsets and health problems
  4. Reduce the transfer of disease and infection within a herd – cow to calf
  5. Deliver an all-in-one package with nutrients and additives (product specific)

How will my calves benefit?

Healthy calf development depends on correct nutrition and calf milk replacement provides consistent and correct nutrition to all calves.

Steady development of the rumen

Better growth rates

Less setbacks at weaning

Improved milk production in the future

Better Nutrition = Better Performance = Increased Profitability

Maximising your calf growth rates maximises the long-term productivity and profitability of your herd. Healthy, well-nourished calves reach target weights faster and maintain optimum health and productivity.

Better nutrition for your calves will deliver a better return on your investment. An investment in the health and nutrition of your calves is an investment in the future profitability of your herd. The effect of good nutrition provided at the start of a calf’s life has a big impact in terms of:

  • General health status
  • Growth rate and weaning age
  • Fertility and mating
  • Production levels