Cows Create Careers Program


MaxCare – Supporting the Australian Dairy Industry.

MaxCare are proud to be the Major Supply partner of the Cows Create Careers program. This program helps to provide practical, insightful dairy industry education and career opportunities to secondary school students across Australia. The Cows Create Careers program was started by the Strzelecki Lions Club in Gippsland, Victoria in 2004 and has now grown into a national program.

The program involves each school hosting two dairy calves loaned by local farmers, which they must raise for up to six weeks. MaxCare proudly supplies our calf milk replacer product which the school students feed to the calves over the six-week period. By bringing calves into schools, students have fun learning about the different skills required in the dairy industry. The aim is to make students more aware of the career opportunities in the state’s dairy industry. Last year 238 schools across Australia with an astounding 11,900 students completed the program.

At MaxCare, we care about strengthening the Australian dairy industry. We are with you every step of the way; from helping you rear healthy calves through to supporting your local rural community. Watch our video now to learn more about how MaxCare supports the Cows Create Careers program.