Growing stronger every day, more than just a tagline.


Proudly Australian made and owned, the MaxCare range of infant animal milk replacers continue to dominate the market since the brand’s inception in September 2014.  Growing stronger every day is more than just a tagline to the passionate MaxCare team; it’s a mantra which the team have lived by every day for the last 4 years and is strongly entwined in all parts of the MaxCare business.

The MaxCare products are formulated to give the best possible results for farmers, building a strong foundation for healthy growth and calf nutrition. National Manager, Tom Newton explains, “Our priority is to ensure that young animals (the future of our enterprises) are at their full potential when they get to weaning.  This sets them up for improved productivity throughout their life.  We need to produce products that deliver the best possible results for the animal whilst still being functional and easy to use for the farmer.”

We have built a strong presence within the industry, the MaxCare range is now manufactured through Maxum Foods’ state-of-the-art factory in Laverton, Victoria.  Tom explains, “This facility gives us the capacity to meet growing demands but also to look at other markets.  More exciting is the capability it gives us from a QA perspective allowing us to really lift the bar in what customers can expect from milk replacers.”

The team at MaxCare work hard to help their farmers build strong businesses, believing that working together is important to foster a healthy Australian dairy industry. “We support those who support us and we want to see your business thrive. Maximising your calf growth rates maximises the long-term productivity and profitability of your herd” said Mr Newton.

MaxCare not only supports today’s farmers but they’re contributing to the dairy farmers of tomorrow. MaxCare is a proud major sponsorship partner of the Cows Create Careers program which offers insightful dairy industry education and career opportunities to secondary students across Australia.

“It has been an amazing couple of years,” Tom said when asked how the MaxCare brand has performed since inception in September 2014.  “We have always looked to exceed the market’s expectations in all that we do and we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from the rural community.”