A few words from a long-term MaxCare customer.


Peter Garrett from Argyle Dairy on the Darling Downs has been a long-term MaxCare customer, using our MaxCare Ultimate product through an automatic calf feeding system. Peter’s family have been dairying on the Darling Downs since 1926. His ancestors immigrated here from Birmingham to find few creature comforts and a dairy herd. It is this dairy herd that has provided the income for their family ever since.

Argyle Dairy has been managed by Peter since around 2000, with the help of his parents. The herd stands at about 250 milking cows, up from 140-150 ten years ago, with an additional 220 heifers, mostly from natural growth. Peter expects a lot from his herd and firmly believes that you only get out what you put in when it comes to dairy cows. Using a high-quality calf milk replacer with added nutrients gives Peter the best results with his calves. A high-quality calf milk replacer provides Peter peace-of-mind as he knows he’s given his calves the best start to life. Maximising your calf growth rates maximises the long-term productivity and profitability of your herd. Healthy, well-nourished calves reach target weights faster and maintain optimum health and productivity.

Before using calf milk replacer, Peter used waste milk from the dairy and topped it up with milk out of the vat which certainly was an arduous and costly task. Now that Peter uses calf milk replacer he no longer spends time carting milk around the dairy. Instead, Peter uses this time to observe his calves performance and focuses on the calves who might not be doing so well.

MaxCare Ultimate 

MaxCare Ultimate has been formulated to help you achieve the best possible results with your calves. MaxCare Ultimate delivers the highest nutrient density on the market coupled with a comprehensive additive package to help your calves achieve maximum growth rates, enhance animal health and overall calf performance. If you’re interested in learning more about this product, click here.