MaxCare Classic Calf Milk Replacer

Formulated for the cost-conscious rearer.  Featuring Bovatec® and a carefully balanced amino acid profile, MaxCare Classic is a nutritionally complete calf milk replacer which has been formulated for the cost-conscious rearer in mind.

  • Contents

    Bovatec® Technical - Aids in the control of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria species in goats and cattle.

    Betaine - Aids in hydration and improves digestion and for optimum growth and productivity.

    Probiotics - A high concentration of bacteria to increase competition against pathogens and enhance microbial populations to aid digestion and promote calf health

    Acidifiers - A blend of short and medium chain organic acids in a specific combination to reduce stomach pH which helps maintain a healthy microbial balance throughout the gastrointestinal tract resulting in improved animal health and growth rates.

    Amino acids - The specific amino acids deliver balanced essential protein for maximum feed efficiency and growth.

    Vitamins & minerals - Specifically formulated to ensure optimum calf requirements are met to maximise performance.

  • Nutrition (Typical Analysis)
    Protein 25% Vitamin B12 0.08 mg/kg
    Fat 20% Biotin 0.1 mg/kg
    Vitamin A 16,000 iu/kg Vitamin C 250 mg/kg
    Vitamin D3 1,500 iu/kg Zinc (organic & inorganic) 60 mg/kg
    Vitamin E 60 mg/kg Manganese (organic & inorganic) 40 mg/kg
    Vitamin K3 5 mg/kg Iron (organic) 120 mg/kg
    Thiamine (B1) 5 mg/kg Iodine 0.5 mg/kg
    Ribioflavin (B2) 18 mg/kg Selenium 0.30 mg/kg
    Niacin (B3) 20 mg/kg Copper (organic & inorganic) 20 mg/kg
    Pantothenic (B5) 20 mg/kg Antioxidant 5 mg/kg
    Pyridoxine (B6) 6.5 mg/kg Lasalocid (Bovatec®) 100 mg/kg
    Folic Acid (B9) 1.0 mg/kg
  • Mixing Directions

    Add MaxCare® CMR to half the required volume of fresh, clean water at 38 to 40°C. Mix until fully dissolved.
    Add water to required volume. For example, if mixing 1 litre:

  • Feeding Guidelines

    Minimum mixing rate = 125 grams within 1 litre
    Maximum mixing rate = 150 grams within 1 litre
    - Do not feed at higher concentrations unless you have discussed with MaxCare

    Minimum daily volume = 10% of calf body weight
    - e.g. 50kg calf = 5L = 5L X 125 grams CMR = 625 grams CMR within 5L

    Fortifying: do not exceed 15% combined milk solids (i.e. whole milk + CMR)
    CAUTION: Do not feed to dogs, horses (or other equids), alpacas (or other camelids).
    Not to be used in Bobby Calves.

    For more detailed feeding instructions please visit or call 0800 629 267.