Supporting Australian school students and the dairy farmers of tomorrow.


MaxCare are proud to be the Major Supply Partner of the Cows Create Careers program. As part of this partnership, Cows Create Careers and MaxCare offered schools and students across Australia the exciting opportunity to produce a 60-second commercial promoting the Australian dairy industry and to explain why the brightest and the best students should pursue a career in the dairy industry.

MaxCare are pleased to announce that Northholm Grammar School in Fiddletown, New South Wales have won this challenge and were awarded their $1000 prize this week. To watch the winning video click here.

MaxCare Business Manager, Tom Newton said “it’s great to see such enthusiasm for our dairy industry amongst the younger generation. We were impressed with the creativity of all the entries we received but it was the team at Northholm Grammar School that took out the challenge.”

The Cows Create Careers program helps to provide practical, insightful dairy industry education and demonstrates the career opportunities and education pathways for secondary school students across Australia. The program was started by the Strzelecki Lions Club in Gippsland, Victoria in 2004 and has now grown into a national program. This year, 259 schools across Australia with an astounding 14,245 students completed the program.

“We think the Cow’s Create Careers program is fantastic. It shines a light on our great industry and the opportunities that exist and shows kids a clear pathway into how they can have a career in the dairy industry” said Mr Newton.

The program involves each school hosting two dairy calves loaned by local farmers, which they must raise for up to six weeks. MaxCare supplies the calf milk replacer which the school students feed to the calves over the six-week period.

CCC Program Manager, Deanne Kennedy said “by bringing calves into schools, students have fun learning about the different skills required in the dairy industry. It’s important to introduce this program into schools while the students are thinking about what they would like to do. It broadens their minds to the possibilities out there”.

MaxCare are looking forward to supporting the Cows Create Careers program again in 2019. The team at MaxCare work hard to help their farmers and the dairy farmers of tomorrow, believing that working together is important to foster a healthy Australian dairy industry.

To learn more about how MaxCare supports the Cows Create Careers program, watch our video here.