Top calf rearing tips according to Dr Bob James


Our Sales Manager, Rocket was lucky enough to catch up with Dr Bob James whilst he was in Sydney for this year’s Dairy Research Symposium. Dr. Robert “Bob” James is an industry leading expert on calf feeding and management. He is a professor emeritus of Dairy Science at Virginia Tech University, and has a calf and heifer consulting business called Down Home Heifer Solutions, which specializes in providing timely management advice to calf and heifer raisers. He brings a lifetime of experience in research and extension in calves; and the very latest on calving management, feeding pre- and post-weaning, individual versus group-based systems, accelerated growth, on-farm pasteurization of milk for calves…and a lot more.

Here’s a summary of the calf rearing tips which Dr Bob James discusses in our video below.

  1. Calves must be born in a clean environment
  2. Feed your calves clean colostrum early in life
  3. Feed your calves a quality calf milk replacer. Ideally, the calf milk replacer should be high in protein (26% – 28%) with a fat content above 20%
  4. Finally, feed your calves a good calf starter which is high in palatability and presented well.

Remember it’s important to feed your calves correctly so they can achieve their genetic potential for growth which also impacts genetic potential for making good milking cows.

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