Typical Analysis

What does ‘typical analysis’ mean?

A proportion of the raw materials used to produce MaxCare Calf Milk Replacers (CMR) are ‘out of specification’ food grade ingredients which are blended to meet our finished product specification. It is important to note that food grade milk powders are subject to variations in final specification. For example, Whole Milk Powder has a variance range for protein of between 24-28% and fat percentages may vary as well. Therefore, it can be difficult to be exact with percentages of fat, protein and lactose, hence the term “typical analysis” is used, as opposed to maximum and minimum percentages.

All our MaxCare products are fit for consumption and the variance range for protein and fat is not considered critical for rearing calves.  With this in mind, every effort is made to manufacture a product that is as close to the typical analysis as possible to ensure you are achieving the best possible results.

At MaxCare we set high standards internally for our product. We have pride in our quality assurance systems and processes which includes FeedSafe and FIAAA accreditation.

We test every batch for nutrient densities (i.e. Protein, and Fat) with Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR), we conduct sensory (smell, taste, visual) and mixability testing, and where applicable curd testing is completed.