Tasmania Takes Out the Award for Best Video Commercial

Devonport school St Brendan-Shaw College has won the 2021 Cow Create Careers video competition against 204 schools across Australia.

The students at St Brendan-Shaw College won the Cows Create Careers national competition with their light-hearted yet informative, sixty-second video commercial. The commercial highlighted the reasons why young people should work in the Australian Dairy Industry.

Dressed in white lab coats with cheerful cow masks, the students demonstrated the types of career options; from being a farmhand or a nutritionist to becoming a vet, anything is possible when choosing a career in the Australian Dairy Industry.

MaxCare, Major Supply Partner of the Cows Create Careers programme, commented on the entries for this year. 

MaxCare Business Manager Tom Newton said, “St Brendan-Shaw College students understood the brief – who wouldn’t want a career in the dairy industry after watching that video. We all loved the cow masks.”

“The Cow’s Create Careers programme is a fantastic initiative, as it shines a light on the industry and the career opportunities for young people in the dairy industry,” said Mr Newton. 

“The programme is a fantastic opportunity for dairy farmers and industry advocates who have vision and dairy industry knowledge to share with the students and pass on the valuable experience to the younger generation,” continues Mr Newton. 

“We are very proud to be associated with this industry initiative, educating and informing young people who are interested in pursuing a career within the Australian Dairy industry.”

St Brendan-Shaw College wins $1,000 for their school for this winning entry.