An in-depth discussion with Dr Ian Sawyer about young animal nutrition


At MaxCare we are dedicated to animal nutrition however, we realise we only have a certain capacity within our own team. We rely heavily on external advice and we have the utmost respect for the team at Feedworks, specifically, Dr Ian Sawyer for his knowledge in the ruminant nutrition field. Dr Ian Sawyer has been an Animal Nutrionalist since 1987 and operates across both the monogastric and ruminant sectors. When developing the MaxCare range of milk replacers more than 4 years ago, we called upon Dr Sawyer’s knowledge and experience to help us develop a product which ensured the targeted nutrient delivery with key in feed nutrition tools that further optimize the digestibility of those nutrients. We sat down with Dr Ian Sawyer to have an in-depth discussion about young animal nutrition and what went into developing MaxCare calf milk replacers.

Watch our video below to learn more about…

  • The state of young animal nutrition in the industry
  • What kind of research MaxCare put into developing their calf milk replacer products, specifically around digestibility and amino acid delivery?
  • How do MaxCare’s products provide superior nutrition?
  • How important is a high quality and nutritious calf milk replacer?
  • What does the future hold for MaxCare’s product development?