New approaches to calf nutrition
Thinking differently about colostrum and weaning can lead to greater life-long productivity By Lilian Schaer for Livestock Research Innovation CorporationThere is a strong relationship between health and growth in a calf’s early life and that animal’s total lifetime production. This means what happens to a calf in its first few hours and days is extremely...
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In order for calves to get off to the right start they need to be fed at least 4L of good quality colostrum within the first few hours of life. This has been well known for decades, yet some producers still make their colostrum quality decisions based on myths instead of facts.  In a recent William...
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The colostrum you fed a heifer calf this morning is one of the main predictors of her health as both a calf and a cow. What factors influence the quality of that colostrum? Sheila McGuirk, retired Professor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin, discusses issues that can affect colostrum quality, and how it...
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