October 2018
Dr Bob James, professor emeritus of Dairy Science and Virginia Tech University, discusses the advantages of automatic calf feeders. Dr James said smart calf-rearing systems with automatic feeders provided the opportunity to mimic nature. They also provided a raft of data to help manage and assess performance. He said he originally had some doubts about...
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MaxCare are proud to be the Major Supply Partner of the Cows Create Careers program. As part of this partnership, Cows Create Careers and MaxCare offered schools and students the exciting opportunity to produce a 60-second commercial to promote the Australian dairy industry. We now need your help in deciding which school will win the...
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Learning and implementing the calf rearing basics will ultimately save time, money and result in healthier calves –  this was the key message delivered by Dr. Gemma Chuck from Apiam Animal Health at a recent dairy discussion group in South West Victoria. Dr. Chuck explained that understanding, testing and feeding high-quality colostrum is essential for...
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Calves left to suckle the dam for colostrum intake are at a greater risk of low antibody absorption and increased morbidity and mortality. Research has shown that dairy calves should be actively fed good quality colostrum as soon as possible after birth in order to benefit in the short and long term. Active feeding involves...
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Dr Bob James, professor emeritus of Dairy Science and Virginia Tech University, discusses the importance of good colostrum management. Dr James said colostrum contained a raft of components that were important to the calf and should be fed for longer than previously recommended. All the focus had been on one component in colostrum — Immunoglobulin...
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Peter Garrett from Argyle Dairy on the Darling Downs has been a long-term MaxCare customer, using our MaxCare Ultimate product through an automatic calf feeding system. Peter’s family have been dairying on the Darling Downs since 1926. His ancestors immigrated here from Birmingham to find few creature comforts and a dairy herd. It is this...
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