September 2018
Recently at the Dairy Research Foundation’s 2018 Symposium. Dr James called for farmers to completely rethink their approach to feeding calves. He challenged them to think about what they fed, how much they fed, how often they fed it and how they assessed the success of their calf-feeding systems. Dr James said he wanted farmers...
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At MaxCare we are dedicated to animal nutrition however, we realise we only have a certain capacity within our own team. We rely heavily on external advice and we have the utmost respect for the team at Feedworks, specifically, Dr Ian Sawyer for his knowledge in the ruminant nutrition field. Dr Ian Sawyer has been an...
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With our expansion the MaxCare range of calf milk replacers into the New Zealand market our MaxCare team has grown again. We’re pleased to introduce our newest team member, Philip Spies who will be looking after MaxCare sales in New Zealand. Philip will be responsible for selling our full range of milk replacers across the North...
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