December 2018
In the sixth free webinar of the DeLaval Calf College series, Dr. Robert James, PhD., reviewed the options for feeding calves in group housing facilities. He noted that a successful group calf feeding operation provides the opportunity to: utilize a higher plane of nutrition – equating to smaller, more frequent meals; capture genetic potential through better feeding...
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What is fortified milk? Fortified milk is “the addition of calf milk replacer to whole milk”. This provides a high energy, high protein feed in a smaller volume than would otherwise be required to achieve a similar nutritional content if using whole milk or calf milk replacer alone. Why use fortified milk? High protein and...
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MaxCare are proud to be the Major Supply Partner of the Cows Create Careers program. As part of this partnership, Cows Create Careers and MaxCare offered schools and students across Australia the exciting opportunity to produce a 60-second commercial promoting the Australian dairy industry and to explain why the brightest and the best students should...
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